About Us

We believe that access to medical care, mental health care, quality education, safety, and employment are human rights.

We bridge many disciplines to create creative solutions. We offer big-picture thought leadership as well as program development, implementation, and evaluation. 

We are thought leaders in fields related to direct service:

Mental Health


International Affairs



Meet our directors:

Chana Lockerman, MSW

Founder and CEO

Chana Lockerman is a specialist on mental health. She uses a person-centered approach to help people facing stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. She is a specialist in infertility counseling, trauma, loss and grief, postpartum mood disorders, child therapy, and family therapy. She served as clinical supervisor of an intensive in-home family therapy program as well as school-based therapy for children and their families. She worked in underserved communities as a therapist and social worker. She conducted research on the efficacy of home-based family therapy. In addition to her work as a therapist, she is a professor of social work. 

Peter Weinberger, PhD

Peter Weinberger is a specialist on trauma-informed approaches to violence prevention. He utilizes an interdisciplinary approach which combines practices from the fields of conflict resolution, neuroscience, and behavioral health. Internationally, he has designed and led countering violent extremism programs in the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, and the Western Balkans. In the United States, he has conducted research on far-right extremism and white supremacist movements, as well as co-led community trainings on how to apply public health models to address violent extremism. 

With cutting edge research, evaluative methods, and interdisciplinary focus, we are here to work with you.