With cutting edge research, evaluative methods, and interdisciplinary focus, we bridge fields that otherwise work in isolation. 

There are many “experts” who maintain they have solutions for you, but each one believes that their solution is the only one that will work. Novatier will evaluate all possible options and let you know which ones work for you and in which combinations. We will also evaluate what new ideas are needed and develop a solution unique to you. 

We offer comprehensive research and evidence-based solutions. We thoroughly explore the “box” and will help you determine which “in the box” solutions have been proven effective by the research, and will identify an ideas vacuum in which new “out of the box” solutions are needed. We will develop new ideas and programs to meet your needs. 

Our Think Tank and our Do Tank work together seamlessly and will work together for you!

Thought leaders

We provide space for new and inventive ideas. We love thinking outside the box and creating spaces to create and be creative.

Join an Idea Lab or share your idea for an Idea Lab!


We put our innovative ideas to work for you, and offer research, development, implementation, evaluation, and everything in between.  

Put our Thinkers and Doers to work for you!

Training and continuing education

We offer training customized for your needs and with up to date research and analysis. 

Bring Novatier to your organization!